Floyd Skloot

A Progressive Disease
July 21, 2020 Skloot Floyd



I feel my body getting away from me,
becoming erratic and strange, slowed by
even the stillest air. I feel it twist
into itself, gnarl and tighten. My brain’s
signals go astray or garble, sparking
with misfires. The months speeding by consist
of days so slow I no longer believe
in time. One of my doctors talks about
the endgame, another the quality
of the journey there. But sometimes, like today,
I feel my body coming back to me,
trusty scout, bearing word of what lies ahead.

Floyd Skloot‘s ninth collection of  poems, FAR WEST, was published last year by LSU Press, which has given the book its L.E. Phiiabaum Poetry Award for 2019. LSU also published his collections THE END OF DREAMS (2006), THE SNOW’S MUSIC (2008) and APPROACHING WINTER (2015). His work has won three Pushcart Prizes, The PEN USA Literary Award, and been included in THE BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS, BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE WRITING, BEST SPIRITUAL WRITING and BEST FOOD WRITING anthologies.