Floyd Skloot

Breathing Room
July 8, 2013 Skloot Floyd

Breathing Room


Not every week,
but sometimes one night
a month, the four of us
were in the same room
and there would be
not quite peace,
not even truce,
but a time that felt like slow
release of the family’s held
breath, and I could feel
my heart begin to slow,
not enough to clear my head
but enough to remind me
not to move quickly,
not to speak, not even
to look up and risk
meeting someone’s eyes.

Floyd Skloot‘s ninth collection of  poems, FAR WEST, was published last year by LSU Press, which has given the book its L.E. Phiiabaum Poetry Award for 2019. LSU also published his collections THE END OF DREAMS (2006), THE SNOW’S MUSIC (2008) and APPROACHING WINTER (2015). His work has won three Pushcart Prizes, The PEN USA Literary Award, and been included in THE BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS, BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE WRITING, BEST SPIRITUAL WRITING and BEST FOOD WRITING anthologies.