Issue #25 July 2013

  • Human Condition

    The human condition isn’t some grinning
  • For Michael Gottlieb

    All this time me on he leadéd
  • Elegy for a Landscaper

    The holes we find scraped out at the edge
  • Diptych

    I’m hammering nails into the stretchers,
  • Not Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Promises to keep, was a lie, he had nothing. Through
  • Love Poem | Birthday Cake

    It’s an alliance,
  • Phoenix Hairpin Terrace

    Yes                              Feng-huang plus three syllables
  • To Anything at All

    Our father who is neither ours nor a father but farther and nearer,
  • Earthquake

    The voices of self are ended. A sepia
  • Boys’ Room

    French doors, curtains, panes of glass.
  • Breathing Room

    Not every week,
  • Saving The Spider | Diamond Dog, Unleashed in the Airport | Amulet

    I. Not
  • Daniel Bourne: On Krzysztof Kuczkowski

    By way of introduction to this month’s “Featured Selection,” first a brief introductory essay on Krzysztof Kuczkowski’s work by its…

    Featured Selection