Issue #108 August 2020

Black Orchid

  • Donovan McAbee reviews Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry by John Murillo

      John Murillo Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry 2020 Four Way Books $16.95 Paperback     Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry, John Murillo’s second…

    Book Review
  • Armantrout, Skloot, Barger, et. al.

    Rae Armantrout On “Blues”: This poem is an encounter between the ordinary objects and events of my morning and a…

    Editors Note
  • Since Childhood & The Virgin’s Miracles translated by Don Schofield

    Think of the body on the sand,
  • Bodies on the Margins

    The artist understands blood; or rather
  • From Lewisburg to Syracuse: An interview with Bruce Smith by Chard deNiord

    By June, by muggy, iffy June of 1968 I had received a draft notice
    Featured Selection
  • Meditation on a Shower Rod at the Super 8

    You and I are snake bit. Can we postpone?
  • Remote Stars

    Look up. There’s Bill,
  • spattered measure

    what beauty O sad world through answers
  • The Last Plume Poems

    the year that is when Churchill begged
  • Nesting & a triptych

    At my parents’ house nothing is in boxes, nothing is packed.
  • Inviting the Reader: Narrative Values, Lyric Poems by Sydney Lea

    Inviting the Reader: Narrative Values, Lyric Poems by Sydney Lea   The editor of an online journal recently asked 25…

    Essays and Comment
  • The Triumphs of 1974 & A Self-Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, OR Please, Sir/Madam, Step Away from the Edge of the Abyss

    Moneyless, we moved to Cali,
  • An Island

    Toward the end of the island
  • Family Way

    In my family, when any one of the women of my grandmother’s generation dreamt of fish she would get on the phone to
  • Blues

    Why is there careful language
  • At the perennial exchange

    At the perennial exchange, you will swap half a hosta
  • Undomesticated

    The large goose does what it always will,
  • A Progressive Disease

    I feel my body getting away from me,
  • Dear American Amnesia

    I know you are only trying to make
  • Oracle, Mallarmé & Stone

    A broken rib could be the sign
  • Shooting Pool in the Mental Hospital

    Because memory is not the hovering bank shot that stops at the lip