Sydney Lea

Lea Sydney

Sydney Lea, a former Pulitzer finalist, founded and for thirteen years edited New England Review. His twentieth book, and his thirteenth collection of poems, Here, appeared from Four Way Books, NYC, in late 2019.  In winter of 2020, Vermont’s Green Writers Press will publish Seen from All Angles: Lyric and Everyday Life, his collected newspaper columns from his years (2011-15) as Vermont Poet Laureate. His mock-epic graphic poem, The Exquisite Triumph of Wormboy, in collaboration with former Vermont Cartoonist Laureate James Kochalka, is due in autumn of 2020.

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    Issue #108 August 2020
  • A Brief Portfolio: Five Poems

    I found this suitcase slumped in a dark attic corner
  • The Big Blow

    After the snow-soused April gale I wandered
  • Walking into Metaphor

    A few weeks back, while snow persisted, no matter it was April, I headed into the woods, in part
    Issue #95 July 2019
  • But-cept

    I recall not wanting my oldest son
  • Photographs, 1949 | Retiree

    In one, they pose, grinning straight at the Kodak,
  • Of Course

    If I wake at 3, ephemerality

    I’m one who tells old husbands’ tales, not wives’,
  • Annie Fitch’s Duck Sauce

    I must be prepared to sit
  • Abbatoir Time

    The widower pushed the tailgate shut and fell.