Jeffrey Skinner

Alien Valley
March 8, 2015 Skinner Jeffrey

Alien Valley


I’m sick of prodding the infinite,
Sick of how it teases
Back, flashing a breast or
Consolation of days
Without pain.
But, how abandon the project?
This view in retrospect
Of flesh overspent: my food, my name,
My humankind.

Und das Wetterhorn, in erste sonne,

Clouds tangled still
In the peaks like vague
Thoughts. The church bell
Clanging noon won’t stop, iron in my chest—
Du, God-weight, bitte—Shut up!
No. So I go

Out in the street where the people
Speak gibberish
Going about their business
Under mountains that could kill us
With a shrug.


Jeffrey Skinner‘s new book of poems, Sober Ghost, will be out in May of 2024.   Other of his work appears most recently in Volt and Action, Spectacle.