Issue #45 April 2015

  • Editor’s Note

    Readers:   March: month when “…even your good friends will turn into monsters.” A trenchant observation from one of my…

    Editors Note
  • SAY

    Says her Tarot reader says
  • Of Shine

    What makes it
  • Ghazal, After Ferguson

    Somebody go & ask Biggie to orate
  • From Toying

    Like Tiny Tears

    They lay the old woman in the back seat of a car,
  • Turn Back

    Intergenerational sex is a trend, Jeannine said.
  • The Real River

    Gauze gaze, the present’s freeze never sticks.

    some deluge loafing letter
  • Who Are You?

    who are you? the effect of well fed herds?
  • Alien Valley

    I’m sick of prodding the infinite,
  • The Etymology of “Alaasa” [علاسة]

    In 2006, the word
  • IX. Ophelia’s Garden | III. Tears

    After the turtle shook the world from its shell,