Kimiko Hahn

From Toying
March 8, 2015 Hahn Kimiko

from Toying


[Like Tiny Tears]

I am not plastic, in any sense of the word! No shiny hair painted on a shiny head! No tiny holes in the corner of my eyes! Like Tiny Tears I do have a hole for a mouth—who doesn’t! Like Tiny Tears, if someone pushes on my stomach, I cry! Who wouldn’t! Unlike Tiny Tears I don’t have rock-a-bye eyes! And unlike my younger cousin, I ended up with a kind of knock off who only drank and peed! Like that no-named doll, I have a hole for peeing, but not on my butt!

[Like Easy-Bake-Oven]

Like the Easy-Bake-Oven, I am a hot toy. But not for you. Like the Easy-Bake-Oven, I am easy. But, not for you! Like the original Easy-Bake-Oven, I am incandescent and pale yellow. Like the Easy-Bake-Oven inventor, I, too, feel inspired by New York street vendors roasting chestnuts. Unlike the Easy-Bake-Oven, I’ve never caused anything to be amputated. Except for you.

[Like Doll-E-Drink ‘n’ Wet Set’s miniature evenflo]

Like the Doll-E-Drink ‘n’ Wet Set’s miniature evenflo, I am small, too. And will never be completely

empty. Even if you—yes, you–don’t tilt me back upright.

Kimiko Hahn is the author of nine collections and often finds that disparate sources have triggered her material—whether Flaubert’s sex-tour in The Unbearable Heart, an exhumation in The Artist’s Daughter or classical Japanese forms in The Narrow Road to the Interior.   Rarified fields of science prompted her latest collections Toxic Flora and Brain Fever (both W.W. Norton) as well as a new chapbook, Cryptic Chamber (Epiphany). Collaborations have led her to film and the visual arts. Hahn’s most recent award was a Guggenheim Fellowship and she is a distinguished professor in the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College, The City University of New York.