Kimiko Hahn

Found Poem: “Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who Is Being Attacked Where,” NYT, April 3, 2021 
April 19, 2021 Hahn Kimiko

Found Poem: “Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who Is Being Attacked Where,” NYT, April 3, 2021


Queens | A 47-year-old man and his 10-year-old son
Midland, Texas | A family with a 2-year-old baby 
Manhattan | A woman on the subway
Chicago | A 60-year-old man on a jog
San Diego | An Uber driver 
Brooklyn | A 26-year-old on a subway
San Angelo, Texas | A 23-year-old exchange student 
Bronx | A 52-year-old woman 
Cleveland, Ohio | A Thai-American woman
Queens | A 37-year-old woman
Edison, N.J. | A 55-year-old woman
Queens | A 36-year-old woman 
Manhattan | A 30-year-old man 
Manhattan | A 30-year-old nurse
Stevens Point, Wis. | Grocery shoppers in Wisconsin
Manhattan | A 36-year-old woman
Philadelphia | A couple at a stoplight 
Seattle | A couple
Philadelphia | A 32-year-old attorney
Albany, N.Y. | A 27-year-old Korean shop employee 
San Jose, Calif. | An elderly couple
Queens | A 23-year-old man 
St. Petersburg, Fla. | A sports reporter 
Carmel Valley, Calif. | A family celebrating a birthday
Mt. Tam, Calif. | A family on a hiking trail
Los Altos, Calif. | A U.S. Postal Service worker
Brooklyn | A man driving 
Bronx | A 30-year-old woman
Philadelphia | A pregnant mother
Los Angeles | A woman waiting for her lunch
Fremont, Calif. | A woman and her 10-year-old daughter 
Los Angeles | A man in traffic 
Washington D.C. | A tea shop owner
Manhattan | A man in a car accident
Pineville, N.C. | A real estate agent 
San Diego | A man working out in a gym
Manhattan | A 32-year-old woman 
Orange County, Calif. | A woman at a shopping mall 
Seattle | A woman at a crosswalk 
Seattle | A couple taking money from an ATM 
Portland, Ore. | A 44-year-old woman and her son 
Salem, Ore. | A 21-year-old student
Los Angeles | A woman walking down the street 
Manhattan | A 27-year-old man 
Los Angeles | A 27-year-old Air Force veteran 
Seattle | A Japanese-American high school teacher
Manhattan | A 56-year-old man
Brooklyn | A woman in a parking lot
San Francisco | An Uber driver 
Los Angeles | A Filipino Uber driver
Brooklyn | A gym manager 
Miami | A woman riding a bus
Queens | A 25-year-old mother and her baby
Oakland, Calif. | A gas station owner
San Jose, Calif. | A 26-year-old woman 
Manhattan | A young couple
Queens | A 13-year-old boy 
Manhattan | A 41-year-old woman
Manhattan | A 68-year-old man
Manhattan | A 66-year-old man
Brooklyn | An Asian American laundromat owner
Manhattan | A 37-year-old woman 
Manhattan | A 54-year-old woman 
Los Angeles | A Korean man
Queens | A 35-year-old woman
Houston | A Korean-American beauty store owner
Manhattan | A 65-year-old woman 
Manhattan | A 37-year-old woman 
Manhattan | A 65-year-old woman 

Kimiko Hahn is the author of nine collections and often finds that disparate sources have triggered her material—whether Flaubert’s sex-tour in The Unbearable Heart, an exhumation in The Artist’s Daughter or classical Japanese forms in The Narrow Road to the Interior.   Rarified fields of science prompted her latest collections Toxic Flora and Brain Fever (both W.W. Norton) as well as a new chapbook, Cryptic Chamber (Epiphany). Collaborations have led her to film and the visual arts. Hahn’s most recent award was a Guggenheim Fellowship and she is a distinguished professor in the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College, The City University of New York.