Megan Wildwood

Physics & Green Room
April 19, 2021 Wildwood Megan



Was Jesus materializing inside a locked room
a ‘miracle’ of probability?
Every thing is almost really nothing
and yet there are collisions.
So the roiling emptiness I contain
corresponds to something real!
Affirming. But what I cannot bear, then,
is that all this stuff we call beauty is mask.
We may see splendor atop all bare space,
but impact is no intimacy.


Green Room


I used to think a green room
was where jealous people went
for a time-out.
You could slay some dragons, travel
time, sleep with a prince, skydive, save the world,
whatever it took for you to learn to want the life you have.

Megan Wildhood is a creative writer, scuba diver and saxophone player whose work includes a poetry chapbook Long Division (Finishing Line Press, 2017), which is about sororal estrangement; essays, fiction, poetry and nonfiction that have appeared, among other publications, in The Atlantic, The Sun, and Yes! Magazine and a novel in progress. She wants to connect with readers, activists and weary humans around issues of mental health, challenging dysfunctional systems conflict and defiant hope in these tattered days.