Margo Berdeshevsky

MARGO BERDESHEVSKY, born in New York city, often lives and writes in Paris. Her latest poetry collection, “Before The Drought,” is from Glass Lyre Press. In an early version, it was finalist for the National Poetry Series. A new poetry collection, “It Is Still Beautiful To Hear The Heart Beat” is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry. A hybrid book, “Kneel Said the Night” waits at the gate. Berdeshevsky is author as well of “Between Soul & Stone,” and “But a Passage in Wilderness,” (Sheep Meadow Press.) Her book of illustrated stories, “Beautiful Soon Enough,” received the first Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Award for Fiction Collective Two (University of Alabama Press.) Other honors include the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America. Her works appear in Poetry International, New Letters, Kenyon Review, Plume, The Collagist, Tupelo Quarterly, Gulf Coast, Southern Humanities Review, Pleiades, Prairie Schooner, The American Journal of Poetry, Jacar—One, Mānoa, Pirene’s Fountain, Big Other, Dark matter: Women Witnessing, among many others. In Europe and the UK her works have been seen in The Poetry Review, PN Review, The Wolf, Europe, Siècle 21, Confluences Poétiques, Recours au Poème, Levure Littéraire, Under the Radar. She may be found reading from her books in London, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Honolulu, at literary festivals, and/or somewhere new in the world. Her “Letters from Paris” have appeared for many years in Poetry International online. Here is one:  For more information, kindly see here :


  • Of Silk and Missive & Between Tree and Rocket

    Did our adolescent lips heat once or more under one or many star falls between sands on a northern American
  • As the Land Listens

    Women are gathering on shore after shore after sharp rocked shore

    It's 3 AM. The crows on one leg or none are already starving for infant nests. A few leaves hang on
  • Whose Sky, Between | Rape of America. So, it appears

    A name that meant sound of an owl’s hard fall, another day of blood gunned to al
  • FOLDED WING | Pig, a sequel | Ode to Solitude

    The wrist and the leg are the test: flexible,

    Showers of snow geese.