Issue #20 February 2013

Guy Mendes
“Bridge for Orpheus”
Gelatin Print
from Signs & Wonders

  • On Sadness | On Beauty

    I noticed something strange and beautiful about the word “sad.”
  • Mirror of the Invisible World

    The crown of a milk tooth in a curve of jaw
  • Deceiving the Gods

    The old Jews rarely admitted good fortune.
  • My Courbet, by Jonathan Galassi

    My Courbet
  • The Epileptic

    Conversations with him are like waiting for thunder.
  • Two Stages

    The traveler was certainly sleep-logged when he slipped away from his hotel at sunrise
  • Armed Stasis

    I will make a fact with you Robert Frost.
  • Florida

    The prettiest state,
  • Writing Under the Influence of Me

    It means I drop things, and I keep turning
  • Circus

    How the squirrel, skittish, leaps, lobbing its orange
  • Elegy for a Young Garden

    Shattered bricks, flayed sockets
  • Handel in London, 1741

    Wedged in a chair near the open window,
  • Annunciation

    I learned to hide the wings, almost immediately,