David Huddle

Dream Sender
October 19, 2015 Huddle David

Dream Sender

for Jim Diehr


Tonight you’re soaring fearlessly over Prague
while speaking Portuguese with your dad,
but last night that man you never should have
smiled at lay beside you in bed touching
your left breast and murmuring, “What’s your name?”

These lives I send you in your sleep are not
random—they were yours all along. I just
release them from this little box in my lap.
I congratulate you on the good run
you’ve been having. Others won’t be so lucky.

Soon I will send out an hourglass spider
trained to crawl across someone’s eyelid, a huge
savings account that will quickly dissolve
from someone’s bank, and a wailing child who
can’t be comforted. I love my job, I

dispense ecstasy and suffering
in equal measure, and I’m neither thanked
nor blamed. I’m God’s best-kept secret, the one
who answers your deepest questions. In darkness
I whisper in your ear: This is who you really are.

David Huddle teaches at the Bread Loaf School of English.  His fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in The American Scholar, Esquire, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Poetry, Shenandoah, Agni, Plume, The Hollins Critic, and the Georgia Review.  In 2012 his novel Nothing Can Make Me Do This won the Library of Virginia Award for Fiction, and his poetry collection Black Snake at the Family Reunion won the Pen New England Award for Poetry.  Huddle’s novel The Faulkes Chronicle appeared from Tupelo Press in Fall 2014, and a poetry collection, Dream Sender was published by LSU Press in Fall 2015.  In 2016, a novel, My Immaculate Assassin, appeared from Tupelo Press.  Another novel, Hazel, was published in 2019, and his most recent poetry collection, My Surly Heart, was published by LSU Press in 2019.  With Meighan Sharp, Huddle has co-authored a poetry collection, Effusive Greetings to Friends, which will be forthcoming from Groundhog Poetry Press very soon.



**Photographer:  Molly Huddle Coffey