Issue #52 November 2015

  • Urban Renewal

    Outside my window, a brutal winter burn has curled

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 52 –   October/November: Yes, you have read that correctly, but may have inferred…

    Editors Note
  • Caravaggio’s Supper

    They were tired and hungry when they found themselves just outside the village now known as
  • Cora Goes Birding

    This was a bad idea.
  • Club X

    Between the gaping double-doors of Club-X and two leather thugs,
  • Dream Sender

    Tonight you’re soaring fearlessly over Prague
  • Naked City

    Apprehended in Herald Square carrying the head of his sister-in-law
  • Paean for the Players

    The pale actor’s mouth
  • Oak | Installation

    I sat at it, a good table—one of a number

    Falls and stays flemished,
  • A Few Estrogen Stories to Help Balance the Scales | Beasts of Burden

    Imagine half a million Vietnamese up to their heinies slogging rice paddies for a year, and you have the salary of the
  • Undersong

    lintel/cromlech, arch & splay
  • Untitled

    it's harder to be patient when you're helpless
  • Marc Vincenz: SIBYLLINE

        NM: Marc, I’m amazed by the prodigious imagination, intelligence and skill that permeates so much of SIBYLLINE. The narrative…

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