October 19, 2015 Plume

Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 52 –


October/November: Yes, you have read that correctly, but may have inferred that we have gone to a bi-monthly format – most assuredly not the case. Nor a double issue. Instead, merely a matter of the unforeseen strains accompanying the installation of our new website exacerbated no doubt by the incompetencies of yours truly. By the time we were ready to unveil the new look, our normal “go live” date had passed…and passed again, and again  as one glitch after another made itself known — until there  was nothing for it but to set  a new release date: the first of each month.


Also, now, permit me to take a moment to thank all of you who have written to express your appreciation of our efforts regarding that new look. I like, for example, Dore Kiesselbach’s observation: “…it’s visually nearer, a clarifying, non-disruptive intensification…” The work – tweaking – may continue for some time, but I think we have the basics in place. We’ll see.


Much gratitude, as well, to Jay Hopler, who kicked of the Plume Poetry Reading series at Studio@620 in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Jay was a delight – a wonderful poet, of course, with a spot-on sense of the ebb and flows of public readings (and, I’m no ornithologist, but not a bad maker of bird-calls). The audience was good-sized, too, and to a person seemed astonished by Jay’s work from start to finish.


So, apropos the above, once more, let me remind you:  Plume in conjunction with Bob Devin Jones at Studio@620  http://www.thestudioat620.org/ has organized a monthly series of poetry readings in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The Studio is a wonderful site, near downtown (suddenly hip, if you can believe it). So a heads up to any area poets, or poets touring in our vicinity, on the lookout for a venue, please keep us in mind, and contact me at plumepoetry@gmail.com to get on the calendar.


The print edition of The Plume Anthology of Poetry V 4 is beginning to take form:  perhaps  half filled. And, that half is, well, can I say again, knock-your-socks-off wonderful? We’ll have a new design team for this volume, and some new poets along with those who have become Plume regulars. Due to be released at AWP in March.

Last, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Plume has been very fortunate indeed to acquire the services of a new Reviews Editor – Adam Tavel. Adam was featured in our last issue, and you can read his biographical note on our Staff page. His reviews will make their first appearance 1 January 2016. I cannot help but believe this will be an invaluable addition to Plume – something we have long considered, and now coming to life. For the particulars of our venture, here are a few words from Adam:


“We are excited to broaden the mission of Plume to include reviews, criticism, and book notes by members of our staff. While we will not consider unsolicited submissions in these areas, we invite presses and authors to submit complimentary copies of poetry collections, chapbooks, verse translations, and studies on poetics—published within the past twelve months—for possible review. Diversity and inclusiveness are among our core values, so we are particularly interested in receiving titles from small presses, first-time authors, and poets from underrepresented backgrounds. Books will not be returned and receipt of materials in no way indicates an intent or obligation to review. Works that fail to pique our interest will be donated to local schools and charities. Please direct queries to Adam Tavel, Reviews Editor, at atavel@worwic.edu, and direct review copies to the postal address below. Magazine submissions and extraneous correspondence sent to either address will be deleted unread.”


Adam Tavel, Reviews Editor


P.O. Box 80

Quantico, MD 21856



In the meantime, look for David Cudar’s review of Milan Kundera’s new novel, The Festival of Insignificance: a Novel, in our Newsletter.


Our cover art this month, Window Shopping, 16th Arrondissement, Paris, 2013 is from Bill Carner.  Bill attended Rhode Island School of Design, and received a BFA, Photography, in 1969. He is, in his words, “a Retired Photo Wrangler, University of Louisville Photographic Archives. Currently an active street photographer.”


Our Featured Selections continue to thrive: our poetics compendium should appear soon.


New Work Received this month includes pieces from  Patricia Smith, Ron Smith,  Emmanuel Moses (tr Marilyn Hacker), Cornelius Eady, Peter Cooley, Dennis Nurkse,  Nin Andrews, Albert Goldbarth, and Linda Kunhardt.



As always, I hope you enjoy the issue!

Daniel Lawless

Editor, Plume