Michael Smith

Inner City Canal
August 9, 2014 Smith Michael

Inner City Canal


This water tumbling over the canal locks

pours no redemption as once in times gone by.


Dead dogs and cats float amid the bankside reeds

with plastic bags, beer cans, bottles, other debris.


The revelleries of youth have long since past.

The sportive summer boys have swum their last.


Needles of death now litter the ancient towpaths.

Dark bodies crouch under low cavernous bridges.


Only the majestic swans paddle patiently

awaiting the stale bread of strollers & flight to other parts.


Ghosts of those we loved and those we once befriended

hover over the canal’s green sludge, directionless & homeless.

Michael Smith is an English writer, broadcaster and film-maker. He was brought up in Hartlepool, County Durham and graduated from University College London. His best-known work is The Giro Playboy.