Issue #38 August 2014

  • Nature

    Looking through trees strangely into nature.
  • Lobsters | Turkey Vultures

    In the depths of the sea they will eat the sea and outgrow the world’s largest pot.
  • A Heresy Sublime

    An artist whom I’ve met is Dürer,
  • The Muse Writes Luis Jorge Borges A Letter On His 86th Birthday

    The night has entered your eyes
  • A Terribly Sentimental Fork

    As unmined silver,
  • Shin Issues | Flash Flood

    Probably you have shins.
  • The Conversations I Remember Most | As A Hammer Speaks to a Nail

    The way a sweet cake wants
  • Plastic Bag Caught in a Tree

    Some dark animal’s
  • Hellebore | The Way of Books

    Lord, I am all
  • Inner City Canal

    This water tumbling over the canal locks
  • Coda alla Vaccinara | A Dusting

    From Keats’s grave, past the Paladiana and Coyote
  • Pedestrian Interval

    The trick in all of this is to build well--
  • André du Bouchet: Openwork

    “Excerpted from Openwork: Poetry and Prose by André du Bouchet, selected, translated, and presented by Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers. Reprinted with…

    Featured Selection