R.T. Smith

Miss Favour, or Dear rsmith@gmail.org
May 9, 2014 Smith R.T.

Miss Favour, or Dear rsmith@gmail.org


Hello Dearest, My name is Miss Favour,

and I am here to seek that lonely, great

and ideal man, myself a lovely single girl

who wants to be courted with and marry.


I was born a princess in my country,

but my beauty is not broken by those usual

tribal scars, and I am untouched so far,

despite of plenty evil.  I found your connect


and much admire of you in the Internet.

Now I write this truth, being hopeful

that you are the passionate and lovely

man I believe in and will choose to answer


to conduct conversation, being to enable

me for sending you pictures and more

informative of me.  I am most usually

a person of shyness about love and modest,


but you will discover from every snapshot

I import you my charmes that will be easy

to gaze upon with love.  If you are able

and can help me solve some minor matters


of expense, we can soon come together

face to face, and understand I am not a lady

who looks like coming from a country of war,

but promise you will respect and not deal


with me lightly, my darling, as I have full

smile and open soul, despite trials.  Honor

has much worth, but I have learned the honey

arts practiced in darkness from the worldly


women in my village.  You will not sorry.

I am longing to see return letter promptly,

as occasion is fleeting, heart is fragile.

I wish to anoint you with oil, my angel.


I send you my identity.  Send me yours,

as I wish to rescue you from most unhappy

exile of singleness.  I desire so to satisfy

and love you hard as you deserve forever.


Your blushful whisper bride, Miss Favour.


R.T. Smith has taught at Auburn University and was coeditor of the Southern Humanities Review. His most recent book is SUMMONING SHADES (Mercer U. Press).