Issue #35 May 2014

  • The Labors of Psyche

    Because I could not not-know any longer I held the lamp over him
  • Fresco

    We stayed in a monastery cut up into condos, ours with a terrace of dried-up papery roses overlooking Fiesole.
  • Dirt

    Just after Wierex etched a toddler Christ
  • Pacific

    Balconies and streams
  • Between Poems | It Was | Było

    Here in this moment before the perfect poem
  • America

    America, I have a friend for whom everything went south
  • Almost Nightfall

    City lovely in its concocted dream, there
  • Preludes and Fugues, Cycle C

    Watch your cat leap up in fright and flee
  • So Much More Mournful than Before

    This morning, remembering the end
  • Proof of Poetry

    I wanted first to end up as a drunk in the gutter
  • Miss Favour, or Dear

    Hello Dearest, My name is Miss Favour,
  • Wool Cap

    Flip is coming for dinner, I hear his car driving past the house. 
  • Amit Majmudar: ABECEDARIAN

      Mitchell: I loved your playfulness in the title ABECEDARIAN; for example, you obviously intend for the title to designate…

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