Victoria Chang

March 26, 2017 Chang Victoria



Mr. Darcy talks to the same woman

says the same things


over and over every waiter looks like

him Barbie Chang


slouches on couches ready for redlining

there are red lions in all


of her dreams they spew out reams

of his long brown hair


when will it be her turn when can she

move onto another


town and wait in her gown for another

man she picks his


lines from a tree to make wine and

drink his words


while she waits to see if she can get

into his heart for free


she waits all night even the stars abuse

her like bouncers


with their winking pretending she has

a chance of getting


in when she smells her hands in the

morning they smell


used she knew Mr. Darcy could never

love anyone else but


Elizabeth she is just a character still she

will always be better

Victoria Chang’s fourth book of poems, Barbie Chang, was published by Copper Canyon Press in 2017. The Boss (McSweeney’s) won the PEN Center USA Literary Award and a California Book Award. She was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowship in 2017.