Andrea Cohen

My Raincoat Opens Doors for Me
February 14, 2015 Cohen Andrea

My Raincoat Opens Doors for Me


It holds a door open above my head.

It’s a door into the sky.


The raincoat enters before me,

as a man through revolving doors


at the Waldorf Astoria enters the past.

My raincoat can say I love you


more than technically possible

or wise in pine cone and French, in


dialects of peoples not yet invented.

It says this in the language of smashed


lamps and presto, the light reassembles.

There is another door, and another,


and there is only one me and one

raincoat and the peonies of doors that keep opening.

Andrea Cohen is the author of eight poetry collections, including Everything, Nightshade, and The Sorrow Apartments (forthcoming). She directs the Blacksmith House Poetry Series in Cambridge, MA.