Linda Pastan

On Chanukah
November 18, 2020 Pastan Linda

On Chanukah
Isn’t fire itself
a miracle,
and didn’t Prometheus pay
for giving it to us?
Think of a forest fire
blazing from tree
to tree in a dangerous
relay race
of flame.
Think of the safety
of campfires
licking at kindling, subsiding
into a jewel box of embers.
And now these candles
burning down
to stubs, but one more
lit each day, burning
and burning.

Linda Pastan was Poet Laureate of Maryland from 1991-1995.  In 2003 she won the Ruth Lilly Prize for lifetime achievement. Her book, Insomnia,  came out in 2015 and A Dog Runs Through It in 2018. Almost An Elegy: New and Later Selected Poems, will be published in 2022.