Issue #112 December 2020

Ed Ruscha, OOF, 1962 – 1963

  • Dear Stuart

    Bruce Weigl What it Means to Lose a Teacher Under Quarantine “Write it down, just like you told me.” SF…

    Featured Selection
  • Carlson, Pastan & Smith, et. al.

    I’m not good at writing timely poems, poems that “speak to the historical moment.
    Editors Note
  • Consecration of the Wolves I and IV

    For now, I will await
  • The Clearing by Allison Adair reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar

    THE CLEARING Allison Adair Milkweed Editions, 2020 79 pages. $22, hardcover.     Allison Adair’s The Clearing opens with two…

    Book Review
  • The Beautiful American Word Baby

    Once, I wanted it growled low in the throat
  • A Tall Bird 

    on the one hand, beauty remains.
  • Tartine. Quasi-unfamiliar. To handle a relationship

    In her teenage years,
  • THE LAND OF ULRO: Czeslaw Milosz on William Blake by Bill Tremblay

    When I taught, I’d occasionally walk from my office to the Art Department to view the latest exhibit
    Essays and Comment
  • Across the Wide Missouri

    It’s toward the end of the season
  • This Moment

    You know when darkness seems to pour
  • Bending Truth to Advantage

    From Robert Lowell’s poem “Those Before Us,” these final lines: “Pardon them for existing.
  • August, Hinge

    How would you describe these pandemic days,
  • Sequoia

    Immune to lightning and Arctic cold,
  • On Chanukah

    Isn’t fire itself
  • Shakedown, Sleeping Mother and The Touch

    On Main Street, two cops stop me in front of the tire store. One is big and burly and the other is lean
  • The Village Crow

    The village crow knew everything—
  • Chekhov’s Gun

    Atonement means nothing to a cook