Joni Wallace

One of a Series
September 24, 2022 Wallace Joni

One of a Series


My daughter sees the sky from another angle, slate-blue reflected in a
lake called living.
She is the wood duck gliding swiftly across water. The soundtrack,
Chopin, 16 variations of a lullaby:
The moon now has risen, the dogs are asleep
How the sky loves, lows to frame long-stemmed lilies, the sway of
white flowers, decoy clouds in their watery beds.  We bones,
my father, specks of fish scales, choirs up from weeds. To elegize is to
make a miniature sky under which dragonflies dart and sew bits of
bright on a lake’s edge, a light box to hold the dead and the living, the
breathing and the breathless. This viewing chamber, ad infinitum.

Joni Wallace earned her MFA at the University of Montana and is the author of three books of poetry:  Kingdom Come Radio Show, Barrow Street Press, 2016, finalist for the Colorado Prize, the Besmilr Brigham Award, Word Works’ Washington Prize, and AROHO’s To the Lighthouse Award; Blinking Ephemeral Valentine Four Way Books, 2011, winner of the Levis Prize (selected by Mary Jo Bang); and Redshift (Kore Press, 2001), which garnered a fellowship from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.