Issue #134 October 2022

California Hallway, © 1940 Narcissa Niblack Thorne

  • Finding the Measure: Robert Kelly, Deep Image and the New American Imagination by Stephan Delbos

    Editors played a key role in American poetry after World War II
    Essays and Comment
  • The Gospel of Wildflowers and Weeds by Orlando Ricardo Menes reviewed by Andrea Read

    A World Graced by Disorder: Orlando Ricardo Menes’s The Gospel of Wildflowers and Weeds “I will not desist in finding…

    Book Review
  • When The Poet is a Master of Multiple Arts: Michelle Whittaker and Aaron Caycedo-Kimura; Interviews with Frances Richey

    William Blake, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Dylan, Bishop, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Tom Waits, the list of multi-talented artists is endless.
    Featured Selection
  • Zwart, Wellman, Rivard, et. al.

    Jane Zwart on “Half the Time”: This poem owes its existence partly to Amit Majmudar, who invited me into a…

    Editors Note
  • From Night, by Ennio Moltedo, translated from Spanish by Marguerite Feitlowitz

    Can we go on like this?
  • Two Poems by Julia Nemirovskaya translated from Russian by Boris Dralyuk

    The thought that we might
  • SunRiders

  • Lazarus

    She sucks the cigarette
  • Braid Him Into the Earth

    Knee-high coffin of wicker, earth-boat floating through the woods.
  • One of a Series

    My daughter sees the sky from another angle, slate-blue reflected in a lake called living. 
  • Half the Time

    In an emergency
  • Archaeologists

    Archaeologists found
  • Heroic Register

    I imagine a bed in the middle of a room.
  • Logs

    Giants lie entangled on wet sand,
  • Rabbit

    Regard the luckless cotton-tail,
  • A Brief Portfolio

    By then I was leaving,
  • When My Son Is Dead 14 Years

    These are the years I bargain with God.