Hoyt Rogers

September 24, 2022 Rogers Hoyt



Archaeologists found
the first erotic graffiti,
chiseled by two soldiers
on a cliffside rock
high above the sea—
to celebrate their love
on that island, always.
They were no different
from Auden or Cavafy
or the scribe of Sonnet 55,
longing to fix in stone
what every morning
must die, not sung
by the nightingale
but by the blunt,
relentless lark.

Hoyt Rogers is a writer and translator. He translates from the French, German, Italian, and Spanish. He has published many books; he has contributed poetry, fiction, essays, and translations to a wide variety of periodicals. His edition of Yves Bonnefoy’s Rome, 1630 received the 2021 Translation Prize from the French-American Foundation. His forthcoming works include a poetry collection, Thresholds (MadHat Press), the novel Sailing to Noon (book one of The Caribbean Trilogy), and a translation of Bonnefoy’s The Wandering Life (Seagull Books). For more information, please visit his website, hoytrogers.com.