Hoyt Rogers

March 18, 2019 Rogers Hoyt


The farm along the Maidendown,
at nightfall,
when the final light of day,
the most detached,
pauses on the crown of the tallest tree.

Deep in the slue, a woodpecker
takes up the beat.
Crows squabble hoarsely
in distant fields.
Behind the windows of the house,
nothing moves.
Squirrels forage closer,
clattering the bone-dry leaves.

Nearer, too,
the nighthawk with its cry
that blinks on and off.
Two of them together now, unseen,
but like signals in the dark,
flashing out of sequence.

Hoyt Rogers has published his poems, stories, and essays in many periodicals. He translates from the French, German, Italian, and Spanish. He has translated books by Bonnefoy, Borges, and du Bouchet. His translation of Bonnefoy’s last book of poems, Together Still, was published by Seagull Books in 2017.