Grace Schulman

September 22, 2022 Schulman Grace



Giants lie entangled on wet sand,
storm-fallen and hauled out of the sea,
oaks, skin-smooth, naked and unashamed,
crossing each other, touching at the thigh,


one foot wedged between the other’s knees,
hidden lovers condemned to cling
in hell, snatched from flight and stuck on shore.
Trees uncrowned, shorn of leaves and branches,


won’t wear black veils to mourn great loss;
instead, they boast of shaking out their hair
in dress-up greens, the sap still coursing


through shaded arms, and they remember
leaves kissing across a road. So they live
in raw truth, rot-hollow. Without regret.

Grace Schulman‘s newest book of poems is The Marble Bed, ws published by Turtle Point Press in October, 2020. Her previous collections include Without a Claim, The Broken String, The Paintings of Our Lives, For That Day Only, Hemispheres, and Burn Down the Icons. She is the author of Strange Paradise: Portrait of a Marriage, and First Loves, a collection of essays. Schulman is recipient of the Frost Award for Lifetime Achievement in American Poetry and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Other honors include five Pushcart Prizes and the Aiken-Taylor Award. Distinguished Professor of English at Baruch College, C.U.N.Y., she is editor of The Poems of Marianne Moore. She is a former Poetry Editor of The Nation (1971-2006) and Director, The Poetry Center, 92nd Street Y.