Carol Moldaw

September 21, 2018 Moldaw Carol



I’m off in sixteen different directions

like a rhumb line, like the morphometrics

in a butterfly’s decorative eye.

Something’s not right, I write,

which helps me, if not it.

Symptoms are our goad and guide.

This morning, last night:

aggravation, desire:

two different orders of dirty looks.

Others may have experience of God:

interpretations, imaginings are what I know—


a crescent moon’s hammock

slung low between two palms.

To be absorbed in a trance

even of avoidance, I play Solitaire:

game of wordless patience.

Carol Moldaw’s most recent book is Beauty Refracted (Four Way Books, 2018). The author of five other books of poetry as well as a novel, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.