Issue #86 October 2018

Langdon Clay, “White Tower car, Buick Electra, Meatpacking District” (1976) (courtesy Steidl, © 2016 Langdon Clay)

  • Richardson, Withiam, Riedinger, et. al.

    Readers -- As you are here, just a word about the new website, so long in the works.
    Editors Note
  • Immanent Foundation: Norman Finkelstein, reviewed by Joshua Corey

    “Decision,” the first poem in Norman Finkelstein’s new book, announces an end to preliminaries and prolegomena: you must decide for…

    Book Review
  • Aldon Nielsen: White Mischief Redux

    I’ll confess at the outset that, despite my intense interest in contemporary poetries, the name of Anders Carlson-Wee was utterly…

    Essays and Comment
  • Mark Wunderlich

    Mark Wunderlich’s most recent volume of poems, The Earth Avails, was published in 2014 by Graywolf Press, was a finalist…

    Featured Selection
  • Boots and Bayonet

    My platoon a loose group cross-legged
  • Becoming Hat

    When in Rockport— with Rockport—
  • Bleeding Hearts

    They do not fit their given name. They glow
  • Eternal Sunshine

    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
  • South Hole

    So worship fire.
  • Lament Sunburns

    The worst I got on a tar roof, mid-July with a bottle
  • Scales

    I’m off in sixteen different directions
  • Fireworks or Gunfire?

    It’s just somebody sighting his gun—
  • Ode to the Paper Clip

    O knot in two dimensions,
  • The Excellent Trip

    You thought you’d need a month. You thought you’d need
  • Trompe L’oeil –Not a Painting

    From 30,000 feet
  • Nice Dark One

    Yours is a noble bio, one note