Poems translated by Brad Anderson

  1. Bradford Anderson is a teacher and translator living in New York City. Anderson has written on twentieth-century U.S. and Latin American Literature and was the lead translator of Alexander von Humboldt’s Political Essay on the Island of Cuba. Anderson’s translations of Chantal Bizzini’s poetry have appeared in the Backwoods Broadsides series, Two Lines: A Journal of Translation, Esopus Magazine and Black Renaissance Noire. In collaboration with Marilyn Kallet and Darren Jackson he brought out a collection of her poetry with Black Window Press entitled Disenchanted City. He teaches English at Trinity School in Manhattan.”
  • DERRIÈRE LE MUR ANTI-BRUIT/PROMENADES EN ÎLE-DE-FRANCE by Chantal Bizzini translated by J. Bradford Anderson

    Pourquoi le rez-de-chaussée
  • Two Poems

    The clarity of familiar faces