Frannie Lindsay

The Good World
February 23, 2017 Lindsay Frannie

The Good World


but when I painted the deer
I didn’t want to scare her

so I started with the leaves
her slow tongue curled around

then the nearby apples come loose
on their brittling stems

for her alone

I painted even the halfheartedness
of that red then

her’s eyes closing, leaving the sun
to tire by itself

as her lips rolled wetly across
their amiable consonant of eating

then I stopped
for it was her long day’s end

but some apple still glistened

on the tip of my brush

Frannie Lindsay’s fifth volume, If Mercy, was released by The Word Works in 2016. Her work appears in Best American Poetry 2014, Ted Kooser’s column American Life in Poetry, and Poetry Daily, and was awarded  the Missouri Review prize. She is a classical pianist.