Wayne Miller

The Mind Sliding
April 13, 2012 Miller Wayne

The Mind Sliding


around inside the scene:

little grassy bowl, a line of silver maples

the wind whips to flip the leaves’ undersides

outward all at once, like pulling a windowblind.

Bass of a car thumping along the road,

blankets here and there, people

with their books and wine—the mind

rubs against them all—and the edifice

of the great museum, which the mind

climbs to trace the curves of its lettering.

The mind inside its mood—membrane

sheathing the scene in magnanimity

on this thinnest of afternoons: nothing to do

but follow the mind as it slides around,

whatever-the-self-is tracing behind—

while the body glows: a gaslight’s net

hanging inside the mind.

Wayne Miller is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Post- (Milkweed, 2016), which won the Rilke Prize and the Colorado Book Award. He teaches at the University of Colorado Denver and serves as editor/managing editor of Copper Nickel.