Issue #10 April 2012

  • How to Topple a Kingdom

    Read overly-detailed novels.  Prefer
  • En Route

    All over wherever we are the waves are making
  • Tool & Shade

    A brush of two minds still
  • Were We So Fragile?

    What promises didn’t you deliver, beautiful Life!
  • Henry’s Song

    Sometimes sitting in a friend's backyard on a fall evening
  • Say You’re Don Giovanni

    Say you’re Don Giovanni Giovanni and you make
  • The Mind Sliding

    around inside the scene:
  • Hurricane: Hera | Squall: Echo

    You never hear of Ixion, tied to a revolving wheel,
  • Of All the Birds

    The magpie I like least,
  • Before They Came For Us | Civilian Exiting the Facilities | Table for Six

    They met in the woods below our homes, brought their sawed-off shotguns and
  • Faust 1972

    This time, Faust was a nursing mother --
  • Arrow Boy

    They see her as a genie in a pager.