• Editor’s Note

    April: and, alone in another city, lost (as usual) as I wander around the back of a strip mall, three figures huddled on a small loading dock provide my subject this issue: cigarettes, and their many pleasures in my youth. Maybe no surprise either (I am from Kentucky, after all) that it would be so – how many years I

    Issue #69 April 2017
  • Guest Editor’s Note: Chard deNiord on Tom Lux

    This month, with much to mourn, I happily cede this space to Chard deNiord’s remembrance of Tom Lux. Tom was going to read for us at AWP, before, well. I spoke at some length to Chard over those few days, learned of his long friendship with Tom, and discovered he had an essay we might publish – and here is

    Issue #68 March 2017
  • Editor’s Note

    February: yes, readers, the shortest month, and in acknowledgment of or rather aligning with such I want to offer today the briefest of these editorial missives on record. Not altogether coincidentally my note this time begins with a passage from last month’s fine Featured Selection of Bill Knott’s work, most ably introduced by Tom Lux. I’m sure this is the

    Issue #67 February 2017
  • Editor’s Note

    January: and as I write tonight, mid- December, winter or what passes for such in Florida. Far ahead of schedule on this Editor’s Note, for I want to have the issue behind me before heading to Louisville for the holidays. Although, really, I am already there, in a way, as I am, always. In the house I grew up in,

    Issue #66 January 2017
  • Editor’s Note

    December: and once again I find my subject in that recent trip home to Louisville, freshened this time by a chance encounter with my ancient Master’s thesis, discovered in a storage bin at my mother’s home, as I hunted for something else. Its connection to Louisville: I wrote it in its entirety while I lived at the Tavner Apartments there,

    Issue #65 December 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    November: and just back from a trip home to Louisville, where I met my cousin B—, come to visit my mother, out of the blue, on her birthday – 93! We had been close, B— and I, when we were children, in fact until we were teenagers: nearly the same age, their house one block over from ours. Thirty years

    Issue #64 November 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 63 –   October: and, naturally enough, given this month’s Featured Selection on the work of the recently passed Max Ritvo, as I cast about for a theme for this note: thoughts of death, early. I imagined at first that I’d say something about Max’s consciousness of his impending departure and how that did

    Issue #63 October 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 62 –   September: and you’ll be very happy to discover – no anecdotes from that miscreant youth of mine. In fact, just these few words by way of preface to the Featured Selection from Dore Kiesselbach, comprising his own introduction to a clutch of poems on the theme of events/experience of September 11th,

    Issue #62 September 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 61 –   August: and as threatened, another anecdote from my miscreant youth – though not what I originally intended. Much shorter, you’ll be happy to learn. What follows is a result not of long planning but the serendipitous effect of reading, last evening, Phillippe Delerm’s La Premiére Gorgée De Biére, after which I

    Issue #61 August 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 60 –     July: and I write tonight drenched in the news coverage of the death of Muhammad Ali  — Ali, who, apparently, was always universally admired, no — adored, and never more so than in his, and my, hometown, Louisville, Kentucky. Where, by the way, he was met personally by every second

    Issue #60 July 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 59 –   June: a most welcome intercession for many of us teachers, when we slip if only between pillar and post from one academic term to another — or for the more fortunate, a gateway month, opening onto the longer respite of a full summer on one’s own, unmolested by the requisites of

    Issue #59 June 2016
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 58 –   May: up early and feeling already…wistful for some reason as I ran this morning — perhaps the soundtrack I had selected, the old Blur LP Think Tank, Eno’s Another Green World – and following a different route than usual, it was as if it – that lurking nostalgia — had been

    Issue #58 May 2016