Issue #78 January 2018

  • Sally Connoly: Transatlantic Poetics: An Autobiography

    Transatlanticism is a rather quaint notion. Outmoded even. the transatlantic traffic between the UK and American that defined twentieth century…

    Essays and Comment
  • Jeff Friedman, April Bernard, Alice Friman,

    Jeff Friedman on   “Somebody’s Got My Hair” and “Cuffed”   I probably began this piece with the idea of retelling…

    Editors Note
  • To a New Chair | Bounty

    To a New Chair
  • Why I’m Here | Unbearable

    Why I'm Here
  • Father Enters the Water | Please Mr. Wasp | Ageing

    In life, he would walk into the water slowly until it reached his waist and stand there for a while, his arms out to the

    Low sky, slow air, and nothing much

    The summer I bought Pet Sounds at G.C. Murphy’s, I hadn’t gone a block from the store when on impulse I smashed
  • A Pittsburgh Bakery in Winter

    Into Prantl’s, on Walnut Street,

    Five a.m.—the soft percussion of the rain
  • Somebody’s Got My Hair | Cuffed

    Somebody’s got my hair, I said to my lover, who stood in front of the mirror in a long white t-shirt brushing out her
  • Jeffrey Skinner: A Prescription Tinfoil Hat

                  NM: Hey Jeff! You mentioned in a recent phone convo that your most…

    Featured Selection
  • On Time | Parallel Universes | After a Winter Storm: Grand Unified Field Theory

    The light years
  • Monk’s Eye, #20

    Of all rhythms he found day and night
  • Krystal Languell: Gray Market:

    “Look at / what passes for the new.” What are poetry reviews for? Today’s readers find poems more often than…

    Book Review
  • Swishing Tails of Horses, October

    Mine, says the glorious yearling claiming
  • In Praise of Wandering

    You ask how we do it. Simple.