Phillis Levin

To a New Chair | Bounty
December 18, 2017 Levin Phillis

To a New Chair


The room is ready for you, dear.
I’ve cleared everything out,
Whatever is left is yours.

From now on, I’m beside the point.
As long as I sit still,
Your wings will carry me far.







What I have found is
Nothing suffices as much
As a single crumb.

Phillis Levin has poems forthcoming in Kenyon Review, The New Yorker, and Plume Poetry 8. Her newest collection, Mr. Memory & Other Poems (Penguin Books, 2016), was a finalist for The Los Angeles Times Book Prize. She is the author of four other collections and the editor of The Penguin Book of the Sonnet: 500 Years of a Classic Tradition in English. She lives in New York and teaches at Hofstra University.