Karen Volkman

The Rosy Tones
October 9, 2014 Volkman Karen

The Rosy Tones


“the rosy tones

stroking the ozones”


such sights

ocular requitals

space entails


and oh but it’s gray

but the gray is neutral, soothing

to the thing that is wrong


in my syncope, body

out of song with its boundary

hey sleepy but it isn’t


a good wake, a dream sand

a drowning in



the kiss of space

sweet sequence

but weight


in the night

pressing the breath down —



in your procession

of darker voicing

voce tenebrae


beautiful room


weight stains


the song

Karen Volkman is the author of Nomina (BOA Editions, 2008); Spar  (University of Iowa Press, 2002), winner of the James Laughlin Award and the Iowa Poetry Prize, and Crash’s Law, which was selected for the National Poetry Series by Heather McHugh.