Issue #40 October 2014

  • In the Supermarket of Orgasms

    Some nights I feel so alone in my longing for you, love, alone in my supermarket of orgasms as I cruise the aisles of
  • It Happened All the Time

    Daylight shatters through the thatches where a bird might fall,
  • God-Box

    They give us a white cube, a paper box,
  • The Lord Is a Man of War | Far Desert Region | The Day-Shift Sleeps, | [Does the war want

    The Lord is a man of war
  • Wartime Pantoum

    Were the mountain women sold as slaves

    Squinty, salt-dusted windows gaze into the distance.
  • Ode to Scars

    The scars on others’ faces draw me to them.
  • She Painted Artichokes

    You had nothing to say so you painted some splendid artichokes
  • Sounds Like Love

    A spacial infirmity
  • Night Watch

    It’s instant art:  transmuted to the net
  • The Rosy Tones

    the rosy tones
  • Value and Reverie

    The dog dreams on the rug
  • Glenn Mott: Imaginaries of China

          In his first book of poetry, Analects on a Chinese Screen, Glenn Mott claims that the most…

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