David Young

Value and Reverie
October 9, 2014 Young David

Value and Reverie


The dog dreams on the rug

legs twitching slightly

and in his dream, I think,

he trots through a puddle,

breaking up the sky.


It’s like a lament that has

been set to music, sung

so beautifully that,

though still a lament,

it lifts the sorrow into joy,


while early October sunlight

slides through grass and leaves

and the dog wakes up

rolls on his stomach

nose pushed forward like a boat

wags his tail once, and sighs.

David Young’s new and selected poems is Field of Light and Shadow. His most recent books are The King’s a Beggar: a study of Shakespeare’s Epilogues, and Moon as Bright as Water: 17 poems by Qin Guan.