Grace Cavalieri

Weather Report
May 25, 2017 Cavalieri Grace

Weather Report


These white stripes of day achieve

more than we could possibly hope for, with

curtains –thin movements– shielding the

curious birds.

Pure pleasure is illuminated by each

sequence of bright and shadow on the wall.

Think of this–

Light stands for nothing but itself!

Who can say that–

I read in today’s paper a woman got seven

years for killing someone by accident.


Now a flat formation of rain in the distance

threatens to slash our virtue.

Nothing is hopeless here in Rincon:

hills, palms, yellow, blue, green,

filtered through fern.

I can leave this room with its sensations and sillouettes.

I can walk the yard through the gate to enter my own devotions.



Grace Cavalieri is celebrating 41 years of her public radio series, “The Poet and the Poem.” She has 20 books of poetry published and 26 plays produced. She holds the George Garret Award from AWP, (twice) the A. Ginsberg Award for poetry, the Bodighera Poetry award, the Pen Fiction Award, the Columbia Prize, plus others. She’s the monthly poetry columnist/reviewer for the Washington Independent Review of Books. She holds the CPB Silver Medal for broadcasting.