Issue #71 June 2017

  • Romanian Poets: Adela Greceanu, Angela Marinescu, Svetlana Cârstean, Radu Vancu, Ioan Es. Pop

    Introductions by Tara Skurtu and Margento:   Tara Skurtu: Romanian poetry is more than alive and kicking. I discovered this…

    Featured Selection
  • Joshua Corey:The Golden Age of Poetry Blogging

    “Blogspot was our Montparnasse” – Robert Archambeau The era of poetry blogging was a brief one, more like a moment…

    Essays and Comment
  • Editor’s Note

    June: and considering again my recent, um, ruminations of the centrality of cigarettes in my almost-teenager life in the latter…

    Editors Note
  • Toys

    Your toys, my child, hold them dear,
  • After the Paris Bombings

    I lent my Daily Missal, which had been published before they dropped the Latin, to Robin. Though she had been
  • Love Talk | On the Way to the Casinos

    What the boy heard his older sister say—

    If like a Buddhist I accepted the world
  • Weather Report

    These white stripes of day achieve
  • Why I Hate Nudist Camps

    Wayne had already flung off his t-shirt, pulled off his black Khakis to set up our tent—I can work faster if I'm naked
  • Willing

    Hidden from all mothers’ eyes by blinded windows
  • Block Party

    Start Me Up! was what started it--Monica Litzkus from up
  • Robert Gibb: After

    In “The Deer Lay Down Their Bones,” one of his last great poems, the oft-neglected master Robinson Jeffers shows an…

    Book Review
  • Talisman

    Quetzal: you write

    Speech a tremble,
  • Music Class | Hymnals and Revivals

    Kids learned to play
  • Just So You Know

    I figured it out after you ate