Martha Collins

white paper #46
October 12, 2011 Collins Martha

[white paper #46]


Obama Waffles Mix
sold at Values Voter
Summit September

2008 in a yellow
box with an Aunt
Jemima version

of the candidate
on the front wide
eyes thick lips and on

the top flap the candidate
in Muslim dress and on
the back the candidate

in Mexican sombrero
with a recipe for Open
Border waffles to serve

illegal aliens all
the same African
American terrorist

immigrant not
white like the stuff
in the box

which cannot be
eaten and enjoyed
until mixed and browned

Martha Collins’ most recent book is Night Unto Night (Milkweed, 2018), a sequel to Day Unto Day (2014). She also recently published Admit One: An American Scrapbook (Pittsburgh, 2016). She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.