Issue #4 October 2011

  • Halloween

    No gazette ran the story,
  • Wilhelmina Shakespeare

    Blond hair, blue eyes, buck teeth:  we taunted you
  • white paper #46

    Obama Waffles Mix
  • Duet

    Their quest--what does the human body mean?--
  • Grave

    Over the grave the bird will
  • Inroad

    The radiance that is always around us is incited
  • Cotton Candy

    At first it gives like a sponge, elastically, and you think you’ll only make an
  • Notes on a 39-Year-Old Body

    Most internal organs jiggle and glow and are rosy
  • Poems for the Absent One

    Mother death,
  • To Fire

    In my backyard, huddled over my magnifying
  • New Home

    This house has no prehistory,
  • Last Day in Coldwater

    Our phone died due to lack
  • Rune

    Not timber or bronze or iridium, not the old habits of species at a waterhole or the short