Category / Issue #32 February 2014

February, 2014 – featuring Keith Althaus, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Lisa Rose Bradford, Stephen Dobyns, Norman Dubie, Laurie Lamon, Frannie Lindsay, Antonio Machado (trans. by Michael Smith), Amit Majmudar, Donald Revell, Bruce Smith, and Page Hill Starzinger. Featured Selection by Martha Collins. Cover art by Steven Bradbury

Holy Day

A holy day not on any calendar but in the middle of January’s deep freeze when the woods resound with cracks like rifle fire and their ricochet; a sudden thaw and the air’s an inert element picking up the scent


Some of the shoes still lay in pairs   on the ocean floor. Small slender boats—   the flirtatious tilt of an ankle in a t-strap,   glare of chandelier on a shiny oxford.   In strong currents the broken

The Gaping Trellis

Cigarette burns on drab naugahyde and a fridge full of cakes announced Grandpa’s sclerotic death and my lonely sojourn in yet another foreign home, filled with empty days on a backyard stoop, caged by ladders and limbs and the slime

(The gift of putting something…

The gift of putting something down, he had yet to discover it–letting it slide from his grip. You’d think it would be easy; an opening of the fingers and the person, humiliation, failure would float away. Instead, he kept going


—after Nicolás Alcalá   The chair is not far from the bed as if the bed were a table over which the dead live and hesitate like pods in a red tree lifting above the mountain stream; it whispers from

I’m Going to Bed When You Go…

Let someone else learn the borders of every country’s will, the length of one impartial wall, the largest diaspora of children   who will die before the age of three. Let someone else lay on her back and shoot museum

Objects in Mirror Are Larger t…

That beautiful girl on a bicycle smoking a cigarette: her library books are due back   and her boyfriend is starting to ask himself if he ever loved her, although he knows she has tried so hard   to stop

Two Poems

Portrait Recollections of my infancy: a patio in Seville, a light-filled garden, its lemon tree in fruit; my youth: some twenty years spent in Castile; my history: a few things best left mute.   Never a seducer Mañara* or Bradomín*

Joint Effort

Let the hunchback lie hump down upon the Bactrian camel. On that snug foundation let the leper stand tiptoe, balancing the cripple’s cane on his nose, while the cripple, upside down, balances atop the cane, index finger on the hook

Olney Hymn

not my li- fe this and that is a death I can- not die O’Neill doesn’t even know me any old lady on a porch with a pill shows me the rain begin- ning its godly amble up the green

Three Poems

Another case of sitting still in a room as for chamber music minus the performance, dust and a suppressed cough, an accumulated innocence and mystifying exits [into – cough – what?].  You sit, dear reader, as for the sentencing phase. 


You say I rudely cut her off, that you had to apologize, and yet you know nothing—I looked her in the eye, she didn’t move, speak; I waited, still nothing— it seemed like she was waiting for someone, a husband?—


By way of introduction to this month’s Featured Selection, per usual, first a brief introduction by the  poet, followed by the work itself and some biographical material.   Introduction for Up North Martha Collins   In the fall of 2004,