Issue #8 February 2012

  • Creek

    Now it is easy to find where the creek dwindles, where it thickens at last, where its
  • Travel Light

    By all means take my suitcase, which now again
  • Trouble

    And so it took shape, & from what.
  • The Freud Museum

    It’s 1938. Here’s moss on red brick
  • Crazy Hairdo, Crazier Head | Some Things to Consider Before We Proceed

    Spector pinned down twins LaFlora and LaFauna like butterflies, trimmed their
  • To Say

    There are dead children all over and under this earth
  • Booklet, Hand-Pressed Paper, Containing Locks of School-Children’s Hair, c. 1861

    Wound on a bobbin like thread.  Woven into a wreath
  • How to Pray

    Falling down on your knees is the easy part, like drinking
  • Zacharia, Malachi

    When the shepherd is stricken
  • The Third Visitor

    The Third Visitor understands
  • Dentist, Mexico, 1959

    The room was big, not small.
  • κάθαρσης

    Dr. Clark ordered daisies