Jill McDonough

Embroidered Eyebrows of Eve
November 10, 2014 McDonough Jill

Embroidered Eyebrows of Eve


Eve as reflection, Eve

as comment on Man.  On

Fall, on Curious Girls.  Eve as

self-portrait, Eve’s eyebrows

cutting or sly.  All the colonial

girls’ samplers the same:  same

tree, same Adam, same leaves

over barely imagined junk.  Eve

got more attention: each girl’s idea

of beauty, with each girl’s idealized,

envied hair.  Here red, here chestnut

curls.  Here golden, gleaming, satin

stitched.  But all of them, all these

Eves, once they have that apple, show

us something in their faces about

their artists, those little girls.  Some

are stricken, some wide-eyed.

Sneaky as older sisters, or laughing,

dismissive as moms.  These eyebrows

rounded arches, pleasantly surprised:

delicious.  These ones

a deep V, scared to death

of death, of what this means.

Three-time Pushcart prize winner Jill McDonough is the recipient of Lannan, NEA, Cullman Center, and Stegner fellowships.  Her most recent book is Reaper (Alice James, 2017); Here All Night, her fifth collection, is forthcoming from Alice James Books.  She teaches in the MFA program at UMass-Boston and offers College Reading and Writing in a Boston jail. Her website: jillmcdonough.com