Issue #41 November 2014

  • Bah!

    It is well-past old hat and hurt
  • For the Child Molester

    Let him sleep right through it—
  • Old Tunes, Politics, Karma & Career

    Took the afternoon off from the dozen things I’m supposed to repair, respond to, or maintain around the yard, and
  • An Occupation

    The world will end in pink.  Those clouds just above the horizon
  • The Dolls’ House Mysteries

    A woman lies so tidily
  • Sack

    Ancient river bed hacked and carved whittled deep
  • Embroidered Eyebrows of Eve

    Eve as reflection, Eve
  • Memorial Bench

    Suzanne and Half Zantop loved sitting here—
  • At the Cemetery

    Cloud cover from horizon to horizon
  • The List

    Branches shiver as if a wand
  • Indian River at Dusk

    The first and only time I caught a sheephead

    nothing but blue
  • Luis Cernuda: Versions by Michael Smith

    Luis Cernuda (1902-1963), versions by Michael Smith   Luis Cernuda was born in Seville in 1902. His father, Bernardo Cernuda Bousa,…

    Featured Selection