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  • Mother, at Last

    You were Scarlett O’Hara
  • All That Evening

    You woke slowly
  • Carpe Diem

    You won't live
  • A Catalogue

    You wrote me a letter in a very fast hand
  • LOVE HAS BIG TEETH | Route 140, Sixty Miles North of Winnemucca

    You, in New Hampshire,
  • Lush & Fair-Flung

    You’re thinking of drunks,

    You’re wasting time. Your lilac needs pruning. By the shed,
  • Last Christmas

    Your best friend had brain cancer
  • Spectacle | Dear Bathtub | Freeway

    Your eyewear and my eyewear,
  • Salons

    Your friends are all sitting
  • Of The Heart, A Hymn & Interracial love affair ended by lynching of a man & let there be a song for zero

    Your name is ash
  • Almost an Elegy: For Tony Hoagland

    Your poems make me want to write my poems