Poems translated by Steve Bradbury

Steve Bradbury translates the work of contemporary Chinese-language poets, notably Hsia Yu, Shang Qin, and Ye Mimi. His translation of Amang’s Raised by Wolves: poems and conversations won the 2021 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation.
  • Two Poems translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury

    The still object Kazuo Ohno caressed is already growing old
  • Personal Life | I, Too, Arrived Here in the End | Godard

    The universe is vast and boundless
  • 05-08 | 07-03 | 07-24 Three from The Ringing of the Rain has a Forgiving Grace

    We all become the raindrops’ filling in the blanks
  • from Fourteen Fourteenliners

    Why can say passion fruit for instance always begin again
  • The Plumber is Here

    The plumber is here
  • Dear Reader Are You Having a Good Day?

    Dear reader are you having a good day?
  • Ready to Be the Lover She Remembers Forever

    The gods are everywhere